Validation capability

Changhong Grand-Pro Testing Center, established in 2014, is a professional testing institution to test the performance and reliability of smart home service robots, core accessories functions, quality, safety and other products. More than 7 years of technical precipitation in the testing industry, it has the high standard and efficient testing ability required to develop and develop new products of intelligent home service robot: reliability testing, environmental material monitoring, three-dimensional measurement, safety gauge electrical testing, packaging testing, robot performance test, battery performance test, etc. The testing center has a high-quality professional testing team with a high-standard testing site of over 2,400 square meters and nearly 25 people, and all kinds of professional testing equipment with an investment of more than 20 million yuan. Testing center under the packaging laboratory, precision instrument laboratory, electronic instrument laboratory, robot life laboratory, robot parts life laboratory, robot performance laboratory, battery testing room, battery safety performance laboratory, comprehensive laboratory, environmental laboratory, etc., for Changhong Grand-Pro home service robot excellent performance and good market reputation to build a strong and reliable quality guarantee.