New energy batteries

The company's traditional core business has developed steadily, and the digital lithium-ion battery module has maintained a steady increase. At the same time, the company has actively expanded its market share, further strengthened its cooperation and depth with international customers, actively increased its research and development, strengthened quality management, and designed new technologies such as fast charging and double cell case to improve the added value of unit products. (previously, the company has become a major supplier of domestic and foreign mobile terminals.

Emergency lamp battery

Wide applicable temperature range: -10~70℃

Smart lamp battery

The main models are 10430,14500,18650,21700, the material system is mainly lithium iron phosphate, ternary series

Home appliance battery

Specialized for the customer product application design customized the corresponding capacity, medium type, high rate battery application scheme, t···

Civil battery

Suitable for use at-10℃ -60℃ ambient temperature.