Intelligent service robot

Focus on intelligent robot and its core components, integrating its research and development, manufacturing and sales; it is a high-tech enterprise in China, leading industry technology with high manufacturing intelligence and complete vertical industry chain of robots. Professional to expand the application of intelligent robots in home services, medical rehabilitation, environmental protection and safety and other fields, with fully independent intellectual property rights. Forming a long-term strategic partnership with world-class customers NEATO, Philips, Midea and Suning, the products sell well in the global market.

Inertial navigation intelligent sweeping robot

350R, intelligent and thin, easy to control, 5cm thin robot, 5200mAh high capacity Lithium-ion Battery, Smart Planning Path, 2000Pa strong Suction,···

Laser navigation intelligent sweeping robot

LDS navigation technology can conduct 3D three-dimensional scanning of houses in real time, update the complete map of houses in real time, and mak···

Automatic mite removal and sterilization robot

Independent research and development, strength intelligent, elite research and development team, independent intellectual property, independent pro···

Intelligent sweeping robot with visual navigation

Based on the digital map built by deep camera vision technology, intelligently plan the cleaning route, first along the wall before sweeping the mi···

Gyro navigation intelligent sweeping robot

APP intelligent control intelligent sweeping robot 720F, anytime and anywhere, can also control the sweeping robot cleaning. The advanced gyroscope···

Underwater cleaning robot

It is a robot that senses pH and chlorine. It is also a robot that handles swimming pool water. With the rise of underwater intelligent hardware in···