Antenna module

The company is Wifi2.4GHz, 5GHz dual-frequency module, car GPS navigation module, Zigbee module, wireless POS machine, wireless RFID terminal, wireless meter reading, consumer electronics, smart video surveillance, smart medical, smart transportation, smart logistics, unmanned A high-quality supplier of RF radio frequency components for customers such as driving, wireless routers, unmanned aircraft, vehicle and ship models, smart homes, etc., can meet the design requirements of customers who realize OEM/ODM, and promise to use rich experience, professional innovation, and excellence. With high quality and competitive price, we will become your truly reliable partner.

Mobile antenna

Mobile antennas are used for terrestrial mobile radio (LMR), LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as GPS / Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS/G···

Infrastructure base station antenna

Satisfies performance and aesthetic requirements for a variety of public and private network types, including distributed antenna systems (DAS), Wi···

RF auxiliary and cable products

Provides a wide range of high performance and low PIM cable products, from connectors and dispensers to fiber distribution panels. Design customize···

Embedded antenna

The high-performance embedded antenna line supports the most widely used technologies, including Wi-···

GNSS/GPS antenna

The antenna covers all frequency bands of the global navigation satellite system, including GPS, GLO···

Indoor antenna

Products include directional and omnidirectional antennas operating at UHF LMR, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi fre···