Chairman Yang Xiubiao came to the department to inspect and guide the work


On May 15th, Mr.Yang Xiubiao, chairman of Changhong Huayi Co., led the Group Company and Changhong Aichuang and made a special trip to our company to inspect and guide the work.

Mr.Chen Zhenbing, general manager of the company, made a special report to Chairman Yang on the production and operation situation from January to April 2018 and the business objectives and important measures in 2018, and organized the heads of robot division, research and development center and main functional departments to conduct special exchanges and communication with the relevant leaders of Changhong Huayi Department and Changhong Aichuang Company.Chairman Yang fully affirmed the business results achieved by the company and put forward specific requirements for the development of operation and next stage of the company.

On May 16, in order to effectively implement the corporate legal person safety and environmental protection responsibility system, chairman Yang Xiubiao conducted a safety and environmental protection inspection on the company.The Chairman requires the managers at all levels to fulfill relevant responsibilities, organize safety hazard investigation, education and training, maintain labor protection equipment, conduct safety theme meetings; observe national laws and regulations, "three simultaneous" approval (fire, safety, protection, environmental protection, and health), and always implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management and full participation".