2018 new college students and company leaders meeting


On July 6, 2018, the company's 2018 new college students and company leaders meeting was held in the multimedia conference room. The company's general manager, Mr. Chen Zhenbing, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

  The general manager of the company, Mr. Chen Zhenbing, introduced the company's development history, industry status, business scope, qualifications and achievements to new college students. He pointed out that the company has always attached importance to the cultivation and use of talents, and will create an environment and a platform for every young person who wants to work and can work. He encouraged college students to have a correct understanding of the relationship between their majors and their jobs; they must be diligent in learning, thinking, and humbly learning; they must dare to act and strive for success; they must adapt to the environment as soon as possible, work hard with a positive attitude, and The company's entrepreneurial spirit: passion, courage, responsibility, and responsibility are integrated into the work;

  Finally, he earnestly hopes that the newly recruited college students will always maintain a positive, healthy and sunny mental state in their future work, work happily, live happily, contribute their talents to the company, and win honor and respect for themselves.