Carry out fire drills to prevent them from not "burning"


In order to improve the fire safety awareness of employees and strengthen the employee safety prevention and self-rescue ability, Changhong Grand-Pro Technology Co., Ltd. organized a fire safety drill on the afternoon of November 2018.Simulation workshop fire, fire fighting and rescue, emergency evacuation of all personnel.

At the drill site, the safety officer of the company first distributed production safety publicity materials to the workers, explaining the essentials of winter fire safety knowledge, how to put out the initial fire and fire hose, the use methods of fire extinguishers, and demonstrating how to throw the water belt, water belt and how to use fire extinguishers with fire extinguishers.Then, the staff picked up the fire extinguisher for practical operation.The workers have said that through their own practical operation and learning, not only mastered the use of fire extinguishers, but also enhance the awareness of fire safety, enhance the ability to put out the initial fire.