Changhong Grand-Pro 2018 annual summary and commendation and 2019 Policy and Target Oath Conference was successfully held


On January 28,2019, Changhong Grand-Pro 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2019 Policy and Target Commitment Conference was successfully held.Company leaders, guests, staff representatives attended the meeting.The conference was presided over by Du Zhiyao, deputy general manager of Changhong Grand-Pro. Shi Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Changhong Huayi Co., attended the meeting and made a speech.

The conference commended the outstanding individuals and outstanding team of Changhong Grand-Pro in 2018, and the participating leaders presented awards to the winners and representatives.

Chen Zhenbing, general manager of the company, made an important report to the conference entitled "" Change "is our only choice".

Chen Zhenbing first extended his most warm congratulations to all the winners, his most heartfelt thanks to the business teams of the company, and his most cordial greetings to all the employees and family members of the company.

In the report, Chen Zhenbing reviewed the company's work achievements in the past year: 2018 is an extraordinary year, with difficulties and glory, cold and real.With the efforts of all the Grand-Pro people, good results were achieved.

Chen Zhenbing proposed for 2019, full of opportunities and challenges!In the New Year, we will usher in a new wave of numerical and intelligent development.We are not afraid of change, change is our only choice!We are full of courage and confidence, the market demand is the charge call for us!

The conference determined the 2019 Changhong Grand-Pro business policy is as follows: improve adjustment, stable control and increase profits, reform and innovation to seek development.

The conference determined the 2019 Changhong Grand-Pr core business objectives and major construction projects.Subsequently, the representatives of various business units of the company respectively signed the 2019 performance target contract with Chen Zhenbing, the representative of the company.

The congress successfully completed all the agendas and concluded with warm applause.