The first Changhong Grand-Pro Cup basketball competition


In order to enrich the recreational and entertainment life of employees and enhance the cohesion and team spirit among employees, the first Changhong Grand-Pro Cup basketball competition was held on the basketball court on April 17,2019.

In line with the sports spirit of "friendship first, competition second, focusing on participation", the contestants actively put themselves into the competition.With the referee's whistle ringing, the whole stadium is full of tension, and the passion of the players is vividly reflected on the basketball court.Although you are close colleagues at present, but on the court, do not miss any chance to score.In the game, you chase me up, struggling to fight hard.Each player actively runs to provide cover for his teammates, and occasionally has exquisite passes, beautiful coordination and wonderful layup.There were also accidental falls in the game, but everyone did not affect the mood of the game, and the players patted the shoulders to comfort each other and then come again.

Encouraged by the expectant eyes and the cry of friendship, the competition was intense and gripping.The leaders and colleagues outside the field also watched the game with great interest, cheer and cheer for the comrades who participated in the competition, and integrate with the atmosphere in the field.Through the fierce competition, the battery business unit won the first place, the technical unit won the second place, and the robot manufacturing unit won the third place.This competition fully shows the competition spirit of Grand-Pro employees, spreading sweat on the field, showing themselves, and always competing for the first team spirit.

This activity is a unity activity, is a harmonious activity, is a successful activity, fully show our staff positive enterprising, work up, always climb the high morale.All the players have carried forward a higher, faster, stronger sportsmanship spirit, with high morale, superb ball skills, the friendship, the style, the level.Not only enrich the employees amateur style life, also embodies the company has advocated paying attention to cultivate the comprehensive quality of the enterprise spirit, at the same time to strengthen the implementation of the enterprise culture, enhance the friendship between employees, cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation, through the unique charm of basketball, shows the green staff youthful atmosphere.

In the future, Changhong Grand-Pro will continue to enrich the cultural and sports life for the purpose, from the perspective of promoting the physical and mental health of employees, more and better hold rich and colorful cultural and sports activities, fill the company's corporate culture construction, promote the vigorous and rapid development of the enterprise.

Opening ceremony scene


The players on the field worked hard



Awards scene