City leaders came to our department to investigate the construction of "second phase" project"


On September 3rd, Liu Zhiren, deputy secretary of Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Chenzhou, led a team to investigate the construction site of the "second phase of the project" project.Chen Zhenbing, general manager of the company and director of the safety and environmental protection committee, made a construction report to all the leaders on the "second phase of the project".


Mayor Liu pointed out that Changhong Grand-Pro’s robot project is the province's "five 100" project, and is also the top priority of the city's industrial project construction. To adhere to the problem-oriented, solve the problems existing in the enterprise development, implement the tasks of industrial project construction, overcome the difficulties, speed up the project construction progress, strengthen coordination and linkage, advance, and strengthen the service awareness, provide the whole chain, one-stop, zero obstacle services; to resolutely implement national policies, truly benefit the dividend of tax and fees to the enterprise, and constantly stimulate the vitality of the enterprise development.