Deputy Secretary Zou wenhui and his delegation visited the company to investigate and guide the work


On the afternoon of March 18,2020, Zou Wenhui, Deputy Secretary, and his delegation visited the company to investigate and guide the work, learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on the resumption of work and production, production capacity utilization and operation of enterprises, and put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for the difficulties and problems faced in the development of the enterprise. After arriving at the company, Chen Zhenbing, the general manager of the company, introduced to Secretary Zou detail the staff arrival, production capacity utilization and order acquisition since the resumption of work, as well as the new product intelligent cleaning and disinfection robot, 5G antenna products and underwater robot developed by the company.I will express my heartfelt thanks to the municipal Party committee and government, relevant municipal departments and the park management committee for their care and support.


Zou Wenhui said that, as a key electronic information enterprise in Chenzhou, Grand-Pro Company has made efforts to overcome various difficulties since the development of the epidemic, focusing on production development with the one hand and epidemic prevention and control on the other, which reflects the good social responsibility of the enterprise.